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Posted: 25th July 2018

Tariff Increase at Lea Manor High School, Over the past 18-month food inflation has reached 9.6%, everyone from Buying food for a home to purchasing food for Schools and Restaurant has been hit with this high inflation.

A typical weekly food bill of £120.00 12 months ago will now cost you £131.52.

Harrison Catering Services commitment to reducing food cost – We have worked hard to keep this inflation cost under control, letting our managers produce great fresh dishes and food items, at a controlled cost.

We have been able to do this by working with our suppliers in 3 ways

Developing seasonal menus that increase bulk purchasing for food items, giving our suppliers buying power to keep cost down

Working with our suppliers to set up 6 month fixed price contracts. Reducing the

Eco Miles Carbon Offsetting, through reducing the CO2 Emissions created by each delivery using Multi Drops with each delivery.

Through all these steps we have been able to keep the food inflation down to 5.4% overall, enabling Harrison Catering Services to keep our tariff increases within our Schools at 5% or under. 

At your School we have decided to ensure that we consider all disposable incomes as well as our cost inflations and we have applied a 3% tariff increase on those items that require this – we have not increased the tariff/prices across the board.

Lea Manor High School

How this will affect you and the students at your School

Our meal price and some of our individual tariff prices have increased by 3%. We have not and will not just put everything up – this is not how we do business. We have looked at the overall tariff and our meal price and increased this to ensure that the costs are covered and we have kept to our promises. 

About Your Catering Service

The catering service at your School is provided by Harrison Catering Services, an independent, family-owned company founded in 1994.

The Harrison proposition is centred around the on-site preparation and cooking of top quality meals made with fresh ingredients. Over 100 clients across the UK enjoy a Harrison food service, with more than 100,000 meals being served each day by approximately 2,000 staff across more than 270 locations.

We Welcome Your Feedback

Hearing your thoughts on our catering service is an essential part of getting things right and developing the foodservice at your School. Please feel free to speak to our catering manager if you have any comments.

Join the Harrison Family

The great food and service that Harrison provides is only possible because of our talented staff. We aim to create an environment where every team member’s efforts and skills are recognised, developed and rewarded, so that we can attract and retain the best people.

If you are interested in joining the Harrison family, please visit our website for the latest job opportunities at or contact the human resources department at our Thame office on 01844 216777.

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