Art & Design

Art department staff at Lea Manor High School have high expectations of behaviour, effort and standards of work, and the staff encourage students to work hard and to do the very best they can.

Art is everywhere in life and we believe that our subject informs all subject areas and helps prepare students for whichever career path they choose. Art lessons are inspiring and students gain confidence through the creation of individual works. Each student can express their own ideas using a wide range of media as well as verbally and in writing. The sketchbooks speak for themselves, each book is full of ideas and carefully composed pages. 

Our department comprises of art teachers and an art technician. All staff are practicing artists and we are passionate about our subject. The staff offer a broad range of artistic skills and experience which translates directly into the set projects across all year groups.

We continue to develop and maintain a safe, exciting and stimulating working environment and positive climate for learning for students and staff alike. Within this space we strive to impart a strong foundation of knowledge of the origins and development of visual art from the past to the present day and its relevance to students’ own work.

Creative projects at Lea Manor High School are designed to be enjoyable and accessible for all students, providing a quality experience that can be life enhancing and enriching. The department aims to balance the development of technical skills and competence with a breadth and depth of provision that is inclusive and stimulating.

We aim to motivate and encourage each child to think and work in an individualistic, imaginative and constructive manner. By creating unique and personal responses, students gain enjoyment and satisfaction, which in turn increases self confidence and improves attainment within the subject and beyond.

We hope that throughout the creative journey at Lea Manor High School, students gain an enhanced visual sensitivity to man-made artefacts, movements in art and individual works of art as well as to the wider world and the people around them.


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